We manufacture by hand as before, but with our eyes fixed on tomorrow.

At ROIK, we have been producing high-quality handcrafted leather wallets for men and women around the world for years. We know that a wallet is not only an accessory to store your belongings, but also a piece that complements and reflects your personal style. That is why we follow an artisanal process that guarantees excellence in every detail. We use only the best materials and combine the experience of our artisans with innovative techniques to create wallets that stand out for their quality, durability and elegance.

Each leather wallet that we sell in our store is the result of careful and meticulous work, which allows us to offer a quality guarantee for each one of them.

We make wallets that barely notice the passage of time and so that those who use them do so with pride.

Our skins

Natural Finish

The natural leather that we use in wallets like the Land gives it a personality marked by the passage of time and each of the experiences it goes through.

Smooth Finish

Matte leather wallets have greater durability and resistance to the adversities of everyday life. It adapts to you, to your needs.